Friday 2 December 2016

Review RPG Module - Land of the Silver Lotus

"Land of the Silver Lotus" - alone this title rolls smoothly from your tongue, mysterious, promising, wondering, longing, awaking a thirst for adventure. And all this "Land of the Silver Lotus" fulfills in  a true Sword&Sorcery Style.
The fourth adventure published by Xoth Publishing keeps up the high standard that already started when was "only" a webpage and a standard I got used to and admire. This review is based on the PDF-version of the adventure.

What do you get?

48 pages, 1 cover page with illustration and introductory text, 1 page table of contents and credits & claimers, 3 pages full-page illustrations, 2 pages full-page maps, 2 pages license, 1 page add hopefully for the next adventure "Secrets of Zadj". This leaves us with 38 pages.
On this 38 pages you find the description of a tropic isle group, its inhabitants including monsters and the current situation. Furthermore you also get a wonderful tied in adventure seed which I will not discuss any further to not spoil your pleasure to discover it for yourself.
Where necessary rules have already been added for this special environment and there are helpful notes where to find the necessary stats or rules in already published or disposable Pathfinder publications.

What use is it to me?

Depending on your preferred style of play you can pluck it for your own world and use it sandbox style or you can play the adventure in the amazing setting of Xoth, an astonishing and awe inspiring world in the sense of Sword & Sorcery Conan style.
As already mentioned the rules are Pathfinder. Is this is not your favorite rules set it can be easily adapted to your preferred one be it Beasts&Barbarians, Mythras (aka RuneQuest 6), Elric (a BRP based setting), Hârn, GURPS, Hero Fantasy, and all the others floating around or even to your own home rules, as I have done.

Final note

This is an outstanding product on a professional level and I prefer that Xoth Publishing keeps his slow publication rhythm with the high standard than to rush into a publication frenzy. I collect for 29 years by now roleplaying publications in English, French and German and Xoth Publishing ranks about my top 5. Hence my thanks for your great work and keep it up.

And don't forget to get the free Player's Guide to the World of Xoth - 60 pages long! 

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