Tuesday 1 December 2015

Generators - Freights for windjammers and spaceships

First of a new month and not any month not at all as we write today First of December. As announced a month ago I present you a special delicacy. No matter if the players are imperial officials who have to control the freight papers or if they sail under the flag of Jack Sparrow—never again will you as GameMaster get embarassed. As cool as ever can you kick the generator and with superior ease tell your players, what freight the Serenity or The Pride of Amsterdam are loaded with, no matter where they drop anchor.
The generator you will find HERE and once again is it written vor use with Inspiraton Pad Pro.

Enjoy this very special month of the year and we see us again in 2016!


The freight of the CS C-357:
  •  The ship transports artifacts , mass produced junk food or drink , unprocessed textiles, machine or droid lubricants, livestock, farm parts and accessories, guard animals and also a data courier or postman (but he/she is not what he/she seem)
  • The ship transports starship fuel, hormones (e.g. growth, pheromone, sleep; mostly illegal) and also a passenger (probably a fugitive)
  • The ship transports farm tools/machinery and equipment, black market medicine (illegal), weapons grade isotopes and also a group of passengers belonging together (musical group, soldiers, escorted prisoners, adventurers)
  • The ship transports cypernetic prosthetics e.g. Cyberarms, Cyberlegs, Cyberhands, Cybereyes, Cyberhair, furniture grade timber (infested with pests) and also a government attache or diplomat 
  • The ship transports nuclear waste / deactivated materials, high grade rough cut lumber , Aquasleds, residential appliances and furniture, medical drugs (e.g. Wideawake, Zen, Soothe, Hypercoagulin, painkillers)
 What the The Lady of the Silverwind has loaded:
  • The ship transports herbs and extracts, alcohol (partially rotten or unhealthy) e.g. beer, wine, liqueur, spirits, high grade lumber (infested with pests) e.g. oak, elm, rose wood, ebony, mahogany
  • The ship transports wagons (carriages, coaches, palaquins), highly restricted armor (e.g. jousting armor, knights armor, plate armor, brigandine, ritual armor, glue, ropes, chains, ladders, alcohol (partially rotten or unhealthy) e.g. beer, wine, liqueur, spirits and also a group of passengers belonging together (musical group, soldiers, escorted prisoners, adventurers)
  • The ship transports dye (henna, indigo, lotus, saffron, purple), rare skins (marmot, deer, ostrich, wolf, bear, fox, lynx), tabacco (brittle or infested with pests), rare spices (pepper, rock candy, licorice, almond, cinnamon, clove), medium grade lumber e.g. poplar, lime tree, maple, chestnut, beech, cedar, cypress, precious stones (steatite, moonstone, malachite, amethyst, aquamarine)
  • The ship transports paper e.g. handmade paper, pergament, papyrus, fruits (infested with pests) e.g. pears, apples, plums, figs, bananas, cherries, dye (henna, indigo, lotus, saffron, purple), riding animals and accessories (partially sick or dying) e.g. horses, donkeys, ponies, camels and reins, saddle cloths, packsaddles, construction tools (e.g. hammers, chisels, nails, axes, saws), trophies of a rare animal e.g. lion, jaguar, tiger and also a data courier or postman

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